I am Shockwave, Decepticon scientist, and guardian of Cybertron.
There are few tasks with which I can occupy my time while I wait for the construction of my new tower to be completed, therefore I have deemed it logical to gather intelligence regarding the planet upon which Megatron now resides.

Peculiar that I can access your primitive computer network from Cybertron with relative ease, but have been entirely unable to reach Megatron...
(Nevermind. I found him.
......Well there goes my life goal. Now what do I do... ?)
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((So this user found this video on this site, and I figured I’d share it with the rest of you. It’s a Beast Hunters scene of some sort; interesting note, it isn’t on the Hasbro site, it isn’t on youtube- I (personally) can’t find it anywhere but on this site. It involves Shockwave and several predacons- the big one included- and essentially goes along with/verifies the other preview released a little while ago where Shockwave called Megatron to warn him that the predacons rebelled before being attacked by the Predaking. 
The site itself isn’t in English and requires a log in to view the video (I wasn’t sure if the site was trustworthy, but I created an account anyway. the sacrifices I make for my fandom.), and I’ve found little to no verification or reference to the release of this video. That being said, make of it what you will. Canon or not, it’s a pretty cool vid regardless.

Edit: The quality isn’t great, for which I apologize, but unfortunately that’s just how I found it. 
Also, I’m hearing that it may actually be from the main site. It may actually be legitimate. xD))

Further Edit: The animation style is on on par with the preview video of Shockwave calling Megatron, and the fact that it can be found on the Hasbro site here basically makes it canon. 
There you go. Now go watch it in better quality. xD))

-Thanks to Stormyfoxflight for finding that.

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    well that’s what I was afraid of. but then with Predaking gaining more understanding/sentience, could they not be...
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    Based on the quality of the models/animation/textures, this is likely part of the “Hunt the Beasts” game that’s on the...
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    It’s not real - the animation’s way too stiff… Not exactly prime quality. Still, it’s a sweet-ass animation!
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    Not canon. This is toy line promo, just like the other video was. Shockwave wasn’t voiced by his real VA, and we know...