I am Shockwave, Decepticon scientist, and guardian of Cybertron.
There are few tasks with which I can occupy my time while I wait for the construction of my new tower to be completed, therefore I have deemed it logical to gather intelligence regarding the planet upon which Megatron now resides.

Peculiar that I can access your primitive computer network from Cybertron with relative ease, but have been entirely unable to reach Megatron...
(Nevermind. I found him.
......Well there goes my life goal. Now what do I do... ?)
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cybertronianwanderer asked
Wanderer assumes the liberty of sitting on Shockwaves shoulder, keeping a sharp optic on everything around him. Trying to get his vocaliser working again, he manages to croak out some static-filled words. "Lab. Weapon. Useful to you."

"So you claim.”

Turning to the guards, he orders them to leave.
Entering his own passcode into the security system, Shockwave enters the labs with the Wanderer in tow.  The low hum of energon coursing through the facility can be heard as it recognizes Shockwave and powers up.

He prepares a console for data input, and holds a servo to the Wanderer, expecting the datapad.

one-eyed-scientist asked

Shockwave’s Log: 31021050C

Cursory examinations of parallel universes utilizing the technology recovered by the former Blackguard has revealed the existence of several alternate variations of myself, many of which have already established contact. While some seem considerably less logical then myself, most have demonstrated a potential usefulness that I would be remiss to ignore. Perhaps once my business on Cybertron has been concluded, I will move to establish connections with some of the most capable of my alternates. 

Including any and all capable of this:






And, perhaps, excluding this one.

cybertronianwanderer asked
Seeing Shockwave, he hovers in the air in front of him, datapad in his beak. He gives a small nod, wanting to give him the message. "Shockwave, My new frame restricts my ability to use most pieces of equipment, and the vocaliser is damaged beyond repair. It can only make a word or two every few hours before burning out. I still retain the data gathered from the other Shockwave, if you want it?"

Parting to allow their master passage, the drones stand down. Shockwave approaches the Wanderer briskly, taking note of the datapad and mentally examining his new form.


If you wish, I can examine your vocalizer as well.”

one-eyed-scientist asked
Anything Else?


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cybertronianwanderer asked
He flies over to the entrance of the labs, perching by the entrance terminal. Letting it scan his EM field, and recognising it as him, he taps in an entrance code, but it fails, being out of date. An alarm is set off inside, and some footsoldiers come out and are confused by the sight.

En route to the research and development sector, Shockwave’s audio-receptors detect the alarm over the sound of his jets nanoclicks before he receives the alert. Unconcerned, he increases his speed negligibly.

Arriving at the lab he had set aside for the Wanderer, he discovers the cause of the alarm. Shifting into robot-mode, he lands in proximity to the guards surrounding what he assumes to be his guest.


Hearing this, the soldiers lower their weapons, but do not deactivate them.

Shockwave then addresses the intruder directly.

Wanderer, I presume?”

predfemmewholikesstabbingthings asked

Shockwave’s Log: 31021050B

Subject: Dilophablade
Notes: Having heard from this particular predacon suffering from a unique ailment, I recommended her return to my facilities on Cybertron. When she failed to do so, I saw to it that a recognizable quantity of my resources were allocated to the task of locating her. These sources revealed frequent communication between this creature and our leader, Megatron. The implications of their developing associations intrigues me.
Conclusion: I will not pursue her in favor of continuing to monitor her activities. They remain of far greater interest to me than her maintenance. 

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scientistofcybertron wants to trade



«new contact request: scientistofcybertron»


«request accepted»

A scientist, hm? I’m afraid I’m lacking any raw materials if you’re conducting any tests.

-A holo-message of the emotionless scientist appears:

I have….heard your skills to be respectable. 

I may come to solicit your services in the future. I trust that you will be reachable at such a time through this same line of connection.

-End transmission.-

moretimeinthepit-deactivated201 asked

Shockwave’s Log: 31021050A

I question the logic behind another decision generated by the Decepticon leader. My sources tell me that a certain reclusive Wanderer has been taken into consideration as Megatron’s new second-in-command, despite his blatantly noncommittal allegiances. Though Starscream remains his competitor, the Wanderer is hardly the most logical entity to occupy that position. Starscream has his uses, which is why he has remained in relative power for as long as he has. His proportionate affinity as a warrior and intimidation tactics ultimately serve to keep his subordinates in line, and Megatron on constant alert- an undeniably valuable trait for a leader of Decepticons to possess.
Regardless of this, the Wanderer remains a candidate considered for the post. Perhaps Megatron detects qualities in the Wanderer that I have not, despite our numerous aligned ventures. Qualities of use to the Decepticon cause, be they subtle or blatant. It is uncharacteristic of Megatron to consider entirely useless beings for the position of second-in-command. It is only logical to conclude that the Wanderer is being considered in the list of potential candidates for a purpose. 
Such conjecture is, however, of little value. I am content to allow events to play out as they will.  
Whatever the outcome, my work will continue.